VIP Infinity Mirror


VIP Infinity Mirror

Designed to make an impact, the VIP Infinity delivers the ultimate user experience, taking your brand to the next level and capturing every eye in the room.

Standing at over 6-foot-tall and featuring an all-mirror design, the VIP Infinity is the latest advancement in photo booth technology and will put your brand firmly in the spotlight.

How It Works

Group Fun

Standing at a breath-taking 6ft tall and featuring an all-mirror design, the VIP Infinity allows up to 6 participants to get in on the action, recording GIFs and Boomerangs or capturing the ultimate group selfies!

Tons of Options

Even better, the VIP Infinity offers unlimited retake options, a beauty photo filter to ensure selfie perfection and an on-glass photo gallery that displays all photos captured at the event.

Animations & Games

The VIP Infinity features on-glass animations and games that can be customized to reflect your brand story and drive maximum interaction


Every eye will be drawn to the VIP Infinity, which dominates the venue and attracts consumers to your brand activation.

With unlimited engagement and brand awareness opportunities, get set to super-size your event and brand reach as users share this never-before-seen experience.

VIP Talent & Events can also deliver comprehensive insights and analytics to enhance your marketing.