Photo Experience

VIP Mirror

VIP Mirror

VIP Mirror Photo Experience

Designed to capture the perfect selfie, the VIP Mirror delivers an unforgettable consumer experience.

The latest in customizable technology, the Mirror features a camera hidden behind a touch-enabled full-length mirror, allowing users to see themselves as they take show-stopping branded selfies.

How It Works

User Experience

A customized user experience guides participants through the process as they interact with the VIP Mirror touch screen and all the interactive features.


VIP Talent & Events can customize the Mirror photo experience as much as you require with branded animations, stamps, filters, logos and hashtags that can all be added to the content created.


Consumers see their reflection, pose, play and of course interact with your branded content as they create the perfect selfie in the Mirror.


Brand exposure is maximised on the VIP Mirror kiosk, screen, on the content created as well as the social media shares generated directly from the photo experience.

Each user walks away with prints personally branded with custom messages, logos and themed graphics ensuring that your brand message will travel even further.

VIP Talent & Events can also provide insight reports on customer data as well as ROI to direct your future marketing activities.