VIP Palladium


VIP Palladium

Designed for digital natives, the VIP Palladium experience brings the cool straight to consumers and taps into their love of sharing.

On-trend and looping every consumer in on the fun, the VIP Palladium can be used as a standing, roaming or wall mount – giving a 3-in-1 photo marketing experience your audience can’t help but notice.

VIP Palladium creates GIFs, Boomerangs and video content that is 40 times more likely to be shared online!

How It Works

Cutting Edge

1. Packed with the latest photo technology, the VIP Palladium delivers selfies, photo bursts, loops, GIFs and Boomerangs


2. Consumers step up to the customized screen and let loose, creating digital ready content with the option for unlimited retakes and reshoots

Social Sharing

3. Branded content is shared straight to consumers’ phones via text or uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter direct from the device and microsite


4. Following your event, you and your guests also have the option to download the images from our digital guest book


3-in-1 photo experience to deliver for every marketing campaign or event.

Brand awareness is guaranteed with the touchscreen interface, back of the faceplate and stand all fully branded with your company logo, event hashtag or image of your choice.

Digital ready content, designed to be shared straight to social media means maximum exposure for your brand and products online and on social media.