VIP Photo Mosaic Wall

Mosaic Wall

VIP Photo Mosaic Wall

Make an impact with authentic brand interactions, as the VIP Talent & Events Photo Mosaic Wall creates a jaw-dropping piece of art that encompasses your logo, brand imagery or any visual you desire!

1: Dynamic

Photos captured from an onsite interactive event photo experience, email or social media campaign are transformed and digitally added to fit your mosaic.

2: Interaction

The target audience interact with your brand and each other as they add their image to the digital mosaic wall and wait for the big reveal

3: Big Reveal

The final mosaic can be displayed on screens, online or via upload to your website or social media

4: Customization

VIP Talent & Events will customize the experience depending on your marketing requirements; the opportunities are endless


VIP Talent & Events Photo Mosaic Wall is a real crowd-pleaser, drawing every eye in the room to your brand and resulting in;

  • Maximum brand awareness for your company logo or new product imagery
  • Branded still media
  • Media instantly shared via email, telephone numbers or straight to social media
  • Branded microsites for media delivery
  • Compliant data capture

Take your marketing objectives through the roof with the VIP Talent & Events Mosaic Wall. Increase online brand presence as users share their media creations using your event hashtag and increase your social reach.

Our digital photo mosaic wall is a great way for consumers to engage, connect and be part of your brand story.